Source code for mumott.methods.projectors.saxs_projector_cuda

import logging

import numpy as np
from numpy.typing import NDArray
from numba.cuda import device_array

from mumott.core.john_transform_cuda import john_transform_cuda, john_transform_adjoint_cuda
from .saxs_projector import SAXSProjector

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class SAXSProjectorCUDA(SAXSProjector): """ Projector for transforms of tensor fields from three-dimensional space to projection space. Uses a projection algorithm implemented in ``numba.cuda``. Parameters ---------- geometry : Geometry An instance of :class:`Geometry <mumott.Geometry>` containing the necessary vectors to compute forwared and adjoint projections. """ @staticmethod def _get_zeros_method(array: NDArray): """ Internal method for returning a device allocation method. """ return device_array def _compile_john_transform(self, field: NDArray[float], projections: NDArray[float], *args) -> None: """ Internal method for compiling John transform only as needed. """ self._compiled_john_transform = john_transform_cuda( field, projections, *args) self._compiled_john_transform_adjoint = john_transform_adjoint_cuda( field, projections, *args) @property def dtype(self) -> np.typing.DTypeLike: """ Preferred dtype of this ``Projector``. """ return np.float32