Source code for mumott.output_handling.orientation_image_mapper

""" Container for class OrientationImageMapper. """
from matplotlib.colors import Colormap
from import get_cmap
import colorcet # noqa
from typing import Union
import numpy as np

[docs]class OrientationImageMapper(): def __init__(self, colormap: Union[str, Colormap] = 'cet_cyclic_isoluminant'): """ Helper class for generating a color wheel to be used in plots. Parameters ---------- colormap : Union[str, Colormap] The colormap to be used for creating the colorwheel. Should be cyclic. Default is ``cet_cyclic_isoluminant``. """ self._colormap = get_cmap(colormap) r = np.sqrt(np.linspace(1.0, 0.0, 360)) th = np.linspace(0, 2 * np.pi, 360) th, r = np.meshgrid(th, r) th_flip = np.arctan2(np.cos(th), np.sin(th)) thx = (th[:-1, :-1] - (th[:-1, :-1] > np.pi).astype(float) * np.pi) / np.pi thx = self._colormap(thx) self._wheel_properties = [th_flip, r, thx] @property def colormap(self) -> Colormap: """ Returns the colormap used by the wheel. """ return self._colormap @property def wheel_properties(self) -> list: """ Returns wheel properties as a list. The entry at ``wheel_properties[0]`` contains the angles. ``wheel_properties[1]`` contains the radius. ``wheel_properties[2]`` contains the RGBA values mapped to the angles. """ return self._wheel_properties